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Cass / IYB Hiring Form

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  2. Do you have legal right to accept employment in the US?*

    As shown in the List of Acceptable Id's
    If NO, then no need to continue.

  3. & Please, read position age requirements carefully as you may not be eligible for all positions listed in the choices below.

  4. Please check the appropriate answer for each question:

  5. 1) Were you ever dismissed or discharged from any employment for reasons other than lack of work or funds*?*

  6. 2) Did you ever resign from employment rather than face dismissal*?*

  7. 3) Have you ever been convicted of a crime (felony or misdemeanor)*?*

  8. 4) Are you now under charges for any crime*?*

  9. What position(s) are you interested in?*

    Please, select all that are of interest.

  10. If Assistant / Lead Program Instructor or Camp Activity Specialist, what program and season?

    Please, select all that you are applying for:

  11. If Cashier or Assistant Manager at Cass Park, which season are you interested in?

  12. If League Director, then what sport(s)?

    Please, select all that you are applying for:

  13. If Referee, what sport(s) & season(s)*

  14. Days Available (select all that apply)*

  15. (ie, 9am-4pm, 7am -7pm)

  16. Have you graduated high school?*

  17. If No, do you have a high school equivalency diploma (GED)?

  18. (Please, upload them if you can.)

  19. Examples: certifications, resume, etc

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