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Cass Park Fields

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Cass Park fields and facilities may be reserved depending on availability and field conditions.
Please, review this map so that you can be specific about which field or fields you are interested in.  For further information about reserving a field or facility, please contact Jim D'Alterio, Recreation Facilities Director, at 607-273-1090 or by email to discuss field availability and rates.

Reserving groups will be required to pay the appropriate reservation fee and present a certificate of insurance with the City of Ithaca listed as a "Certificate Holder" or as "Additionally Insured".

For pavilion information and reservations, please contact the Ithaca Youth Bureau at 607-273-8364.

These are the practice & game fields for several of the Ithaca Youth Bureau's Recreation Department's programs such as Rotary Soccer, Kiwanis Baseball, and youth lacrosse to name a few.