Does this system weaken the power of the voters?

To the contrary; this will strengthen the power of voters, as it further empowers all members of Common Council, who will have direct oversight over and the power to dismiss the City Manager. Currently the Chief Executive is held accountable by voters only once every four years, and then only if there is a viable challenger running for Mayor. 

Voters will continue to choose the Mayor, who in the new system will be a full voting member of Common Council; currently the Mayor only votes when there is tie.  The Mayor and Council will still be responsible for making laws, setting direction and policy, and determining the financial priorities for the City, which the City Manager will respect.

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1. Why have an appointed City Manager to manage city operations instead of an elected Mayor?
2. How is this system better than the current structure, in which we have an elected Mayor and a Chief of Staff?
3. Does this system weaken the power of the voters?
4. Will this cost the taxpayers more money?
5. How will the new role of the Mayor be different from the current role?
6. How common is the City Manager role?
7. How will the City Manager be evaluated?
8. How will the City Manager be removed?
9. Will there be a Deputy or Assistant City Manager?
10. How will this change happen?