What is the City's Comprehensive Plan?
The Comprehensive Plan is both a broad vision for the future and a blueprint for change, especially as it relates to the growth of the city’s buildings, streets, and infrastructure. Once adopted, the Comprehensive Plan will become a fundamental part of City policy. It will serve as both an inspiration for a wide (i.e., “comprehensive”) range of City actions and a standard by which they can be measured.

A comprehensive plan:

  • Guides decision-making about development/conservation

  • SProvides a framework for capital improvements

  • Provides residents with a basis for accountability of decisions

  • Enables neighboring municipalities to understand your community’s planning program

  • Enhances the City’s competitiveness in grant applications

  • Facilitates the environmental review process for projects

To find out more about the Comprehensive Plan, just click on the following link:

Comprehensive Plan

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1. What is the City's Comprehensive Plan?