Parking Permits for People With Disabilities

The City Clerk's Office / Department of Public Information & Technology, issues New York State Parking Permits for People with Disabilities to City of Ithaca residents only. If you live outside of the city, you can obtain this permit from the clerk of the municipality you reside in.

To obtain a permit, you must complete Part I of the permit application (PDF) and have your medical doctor, doctor of osteopathy, or doctor of podiatry medicine either complete Part II, the medical certification, or provide you with a note detailing the nature of your disability, and whether it is a temporary or permanent disability. If your disability is temporary the doctor should also state how long you will need the permit.

Additional Information

If you have a driver license or a non-driver ID card that is issued by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, you must show the document at the time permit issuance.  We will write the last three digits of your number on your permit to help law enforcement identify the actual permit holder and help limit abuse of the system.  Please Note: you are not required to have a driver license or non-driver ID issued by the DMV in order to get a permit.

Permanent parking permits must be renewed every 5 years; new doctor statements may be requested.

Permits are valid throughout New York State; however, some organizations, universities and colleges may require additional permits for long term parking. Permits are issued to the applicant, not a vehicle, so they are valid for whatever vehicle the applicant is riding in.

There is no fee for the permit.

Permit applications can be e-mailed to the City Clerk's Office, placed in the drop box next to the entrance of City Hall, or mailed to: City Clerk's Office, 108 E. Green Street, Ithaca, NY 14850. Once the application has been verified, your permit will be mailed to you.

For further information regarding these permits, please contact the City Clerk's Office at 607-274-6570. 

Parking spaces are also available in City garages, as well as on street for persons with disabilities. For more information please contact the Parking Division at (607) 882- 2352 or via email at: