On-Street Parking

Rates & Hours                

Street parking is available and ideal for residents and visitors running errands or needing to park for less than 2 hours at a time in downtown Ithaca and Collegetown. Look for the “Pay Here” parking signs to locate Pay Station Machines nearest you. Customers pay for on-street parking using coin, cash, and credit or debit cards.

Hourly Rate$1.50/hr.2 Hour Limit – must move car after 2 hours.
Hours of Enforcement

Monday – Friday9:00AM – 6:00PMFree between 6:00PM – 9:00AM
Weekends (Sat. & Sun.)FREE
Public Holidays in the U.S.FREENew Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day

Parkmoblie App
Photo Credit- Allison Usavage (Parkmobile App)

A convenient option for paying for on-street parking is to download the Parkmobile app. The Parkmobile app allows drivers to pay for parking with their smartphones, meaning you won’t need to pay at a pay station. Parkmobile users may choose to receive alerts and reminders 15 minutes prior to expiration of their parking session. 

To use the system, register online at www.parkmobile.com or download the mobile app. Once registered, use the mobile app, internet, or Parkmobile’s toll free number (877-727-5730) to pay for parking (Note: if you don’t have a “smart phone” you can still set up a Parkmobile account and pay for parking by calling the toll free number). Please note a transaction fee of $0.45 is charged when you initiate a parking session in addition to the regularly charged $1.50/hour fee.

After setting up your account, you can immediately start using the system with your registered mobile phone. Community service officers will be able to see that you have paid with Parkmobile using a wireless handheld device. Parkmobile users may also choose to receive alerts and reminders 15 minutes prior to expiration of their parking session, and allows you to extend that session right from your phone. Time limits on meters still apply and Parkmobile will not allow users to purchase more time than allotted by the meters.


When using the Parkmobile App, make sure to correctly record your zone number. There are different zone numbers in downtown Ithaca and Collegetown, so it’s important to identify your Parkmobile zone number based on the green Parkmobile signage on the curb. Parkmobile zone numbers in Ithaca are in the 2311-2313 range.

While there is no cost to register with Parkmobile or download the mobile app, a transaction fee of $0.45 is charged when you initiate a parking session in addition to the regularly charged $1.50/hour fee.

Step-by-Step instructions to set up your Parkmobile Account

Parking Pay StationsPhoto Credit: Allison Usavage (On-Street Parking Pay Station)

Pay stations are located on select city blocks, making paying for on-street parking convenient.  The pay stations are easy to use and provide you with more payment options. They accept coins (nickels, dimes, quarters), dollar bills ($1, $5, $10, etc.), and credit/debit cards. 

Pay stations are generally in the middle of a block, though patrons may need to cross the street to get to them.  We urge you to cross streets with caution, using the crosswalks at each intersection.  You can pay for parking at any pay station and, if you still have time left, you can move your car to any parking space in the city, metered or not.

For more information on using these pay stations, click these links:

Pre-Paid Street Parking Scratch-off Cards Phot Credit: Allison Usavage (Parking Scratch Card)                 

Pre-paid, parking scratch-off cards are available for sale in the City Chamberlain’s Office in City Hall and most locations where city trash tags are sold. Cards are sold in increments of 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 1.5 hours, and 2 hours. Once the cards are purchased, parkers simply have to scratch off the appropriate date and time and then hang the card from the rear-view mirror or leave it on the dashboard of your car.

Locations where the cards are available for sale:

  • City Chamberlain’s Office inside City Hall - hours are: 1:00 - 4:00 Monday - Wednesday; 9:00 am - 4:00 pm Thurs-Friday.
  • Greenstar Co-op West-End (770 Cascadilla St.) Location
  • Greenstar Dewitt 
  • Cat's Pajamas
  • Dr. Costello's (217 N Aurora Street)
  • Tompkins County Office for the Aging
  • Lifelong

Cards can also be used in combination. Is your appointment 1 hour, but it might take you 1 hour and 15 minutes including getting to and from the office or waiting to be seen?  Activate a 1 hour and a 15 minute card and place both of them side-by-side on your dashboard in clear sight.