Green Street Garage

Photo Credit: Allison Usavage (Green Street Garage)

Located at 120 East Green Street

Green Street Garage will begin accepting new applications on Tuesday, September 13, 2022. 


24/7 access

  • Hourly: $1.00/ hour
  • Daily Maximum: $10.00/ day
  • Weekly: $35.00/ week
  • Special Events: (Per entry) $5.00/ day
  • Monthly Permit: 24/7 access, $105/ month
Vehicles must be moved every 24 hours.


Permits are sold in 30-day increments with flexible start and end dates. 

Parking is free of charge on Saturday & Sunday, unless an event is taking place. Please do not park in the spaces reserved for the Marriott.

  • Monthly Permit: $105/ month; Full 24/7 access