Green New Deal


The world is stepping up to tackle climate crisis 

The world is on track for 3oC of global warming. To avoid the most severe impacts of a changing climate, we must work together to limit warming to 1.5oC. Globally, we need to get to net-zero emissions by 2050.

The City of Ithaca is answering the call to action

The Ithaca Green New Deal was adopted unanimously by the City of Ithaca Common Council on June 5, 2019 to address climate change, economic inequality, and racial injustice.

The Ithaca Green New Deal has two huge goals

  • Achieve carbon-neutrality community-wide by 2030
  • Ensure benefits are shared among all local communities to reduce historical social and economic inequities

To meet these goals, we will take early actions...

Lead by Example
The City has adopted these goals for city government operations:

  • Meet the electricity needs of government operations with 100% renewable electricity by 2025
  • Reduce emissions from the City vehicle fleet by 50% by 2025

Create a Green New Deal Action Plan

The City will facilitate a comprehensive public engagement process to co-create the plan for our community to achieve the Green New Deal goals. The City has committed to assign additional staff and resources to create and implement the plan.

The City has been awarded a $100,000 grant from New York State, which will be matched by the City, to create a GND Action Plan. The City is hiring a Director of Sustainability, who will start in late spring 2021, to help draft and implement the Action Plan.

Adopt a Green Building Code for New Buildings

At the May 5, 2021, meeting of Common Council, the City of Ithaca adopted the Ithaca Energy Code Supplement (IECS), code requirements for new buildings and major renovations that will substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions while emphasizing affordability.

Read more about the IECS here

You can learn more at 

Adopt a Green Building Code for Existing Buildings

The City will enact legislation to reduce emissions in existing buildings.

Here’s what you can do!

The Green New Deal is inspiring, it’s daunting, and it cannot be achieved without you! As we gear up to meet the challenge, here is what you can do...
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This online form (link below) is one opportunity for you to give your input. We want to hear your ideas, your critiques, and your comments. We will be using them as a springboard to start the conversation surrounding the Ithaca Green New Deal and the community engagement process. The information you share will be kept confidential and anonymous.
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Ithaca Green New Deal Summary

Ithaca Green New Deal Resolution

Video of the June 5, 2019 Common Council Meeting

Photos: The City of Ithaca has earned Bronze certification through the Climate Smart Communities program
             Electric vehicle chargers are available at no cost in all city parking garages (except Green Street)
             Rooftop solar- or community solar, if your home or business is shaded- can be a great way to save money and reduce green house gas emissions.
             The TREE Common House at EcoVillage Ithaca is close to net-zero carbon, yet construction costs were 5% less than typical similar buildings.
             (Photo Credit: Learn@EcoVillage.Ithaca)