Possible Locations for Public Art

Rink1Best Wall

Area 1- Cass Park 

Cass Park, adjacent to Taughannock Blvd, contains several suitable sites for the City Mural Program. Sites include the rink building, restroom facility, shed and filter building. Any mural at Cass Park requires collaboration with the Ithaca Youth Bureau and the Parks Commission.

Bridge Abutment Wall

Area 2- Columbia St Pedestrian Bridge: Giles and Columbia St

The Columbia St. Pedestrian Bridge spans Six Mile Creek to connect Columbia St to Ferris Pl. The location provides many sites suitable for a potential mural, notably the abutment wall and the pillar bases of the bridge. These sites are highly visible from the bridge. Proposals in this location should consider how a potential mural would look from atop of the bridge.

West Hill Water Tank 1

Area 3- West Hill Water Tank

The West Hill Water Tank is located behind the West Village Apartments, accessible from West Village Place. Any approved proposal for the West Hill Water Tank would require approval from the Board of Public Works and the neighborhoods adjacent to the water tank.

Seneca St Garage - Elevator Wall

Area 4- Seneca St Garage

North of the Commons, Seneca St Garage draws commuters traveling to the downtown area. The surfaces in this area are all located inside the Seneca St Garage, including walls, pillars, and areas of egress.