Fair Housing

​As as recipient of United States Department of Housing and Urban Development funding, the City of Ithaca is required to engage in efforts to Affirmatively Further Fair Housing. Among other things, this includes undertaking a periodic analysis of potential barriers to fair housing choice that exist within the community, and crafting and carrying out an Action Plan to address those barriers. The City's current Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing and Fair Housing Action Plan may be access via the links below.

Analysis of Impediments
Fair Housing Action Plan

Assessment of Fair Housing

In 2017, the City of Ithaca researched and generated the Assessment of Fair Housing (AFH). The AFH employs HUD-provided data and local information to: (1) assess housing issues; (2) identify contributing factors that create, contribute to, perpetuate, or increase the severity of one or more housing issues; and (3) develop goals to address barriers to fair housing. The AFH is an updated approach to looking at the fair housing landscape in order to set locally determined fair housing priorities and goals (e.g., are Ithaca residents able to achieve their housing goals; have Ithaca residents ever been treated unfairly in regard to housing; what could improve Ithaca residents' housing situations).

The Assessment of Fair Housing is available for review via the link below:

You can also view the Assessment of Fair Housing Goal Summary Table via the following link:

Please contact the following person with any questions:
Anisa Mendizabal
Community Development Planner
(607) 274-6553