Off-Street Parking

Parking garages in the City of Ithaca:

The city of Ithaca operates 3 city owned garages, and owns one privately operated garage (S. Cayuga Street).

Information regarding each garage, respective permit types, prices can be found by navigating to the individual garages via the links below, or in the sidebar of this page.

Payment at Garages:

All of the parking garages are now automated. Hourly parking fees should be paid at the pay stations, available at the following locations: 

         Green Street Garage- Near the elevator on levels 1 & 2
         Seneca Street Garage- One the ground level, near the exit
         Dryden Road Garage- On the top level, next to the exit
         S. Cayuga Street Garage- Next to the elevator on the S. Cayuga St. side of the garage

All pay stations accept cash, coins, and credit cards. Credit cards can also be used in the exit lanes without having to leave your vehicle.

Parking Garage Regulations & Polices:

The lost parking ticket fee for all garages is $20.00/ occurrence.

Non-permit holders must move their vehicles every 24 hours. Permit holders must move their vehicles every 72 hours.

Long term vehicle storage is not available in any of the three city owned garages (Green St, Seneca St, & Dryden Rd). S. Cayuga St garage offers long-term parking, up to two weeks, for additional fees. Please call Allpro parking to inquire, (607) 256- PARK(7275).

To purchase a parking permit, personal identification and license plate numbers of the vehicles that will use the the permit are required at the time of the sale or when a permit is transferred to another person.

Up to 2 vehicles may be registered for a single permit, however, only 1 vehicle can be parked in a garage at a time.

Monthly permits are good for 30 days, beginning at the date of purchase. These permits can be renewed for up to 3 months at a time.

Permit fees and proximity (permit) cards are nonrefundable, however, you may transfer your permit to another person by visiting the City Chamberlain's Office.

To park in a garage, or at a time not covered by your permit, you take an hourly ticket, and pay the hourly rate.

Lost or stolen permit cards must be reported within 48 hours. If you fail to report the lost or stolen card within 48 hours, you will be held liable for any unpaid use of the garage with that permit card.

Please contact the City Chamberlains Office within to protest an hourly charge (within 24 hours of the occurrence), to pay a bill, or to obtain a receipt.
(607) 274-6580

The City of Ithaca reserves the right to revoke or refuse to sell a permit to anyone who does not cooperate with these rules and regulations. The City is not liable for any loss or damage to your vehicle, or its contents, while parked in the facility.

Please replace lost or stolen permit cards within 48 hours. If your permit card is lost or stolen and you fail to report that loss, you will be held accountable for any unpaid use of the garage with that permit card.