Email Notification of Violation

The City of Ithaca offers an email notification system for Exterior Property Maintenance violations. This service is intended to give prompt notification that a ticket has been issued for a violation of the Exterior Property Maintenance Ordinance. An email, including a photo of the violation, will be sent the same day the violation is cited. We are now accepting email addresses for Owners, Agents, and Authorized Persons that want to receive the email notification. Agents and Authorized Persons must have the appropriate form on file with the Building Division in order to receive the email notification. (See forms below) The completed forms, with original signatures by the Agent, Authorized person, and the legal owner of the property must be submitted to the Building Division, 108 E. Green Street, Ithaca NY 14850.    

Please complete the following for Companies (Incorporated Entities) or Homeowners (Ownership by one or more individuals)

Warning: The emailing of the notification and the photo is a courtesy designed to aid in prompt compliance with the Exterior Property Maintenance Ordinance. Receipt of this email does NOT relieve the recipient of the obligation to the Ithaca City Court to resolve the violation.  Failure to receive an email notification and/or the photo for a violation or any error contained within the notification is not a defense for a violation and does NOT relieve a property owner of the responsibility to the court for a violation.  

The email is not a substitute for the summons or accusatory instrument which will be mailed to you separately by the City of Ithaca's Building Division This free service is offered to all property owners within the City of Ithaca.