Good Housekeeping / Municipal Operations

City Good Housekeeping / Municipal Operations
The City of Ithaca administers an Operation and Maintenance (O&M) program for all of its stormwater utilities through the Department of Public Works, Streets and Facilities Division. Charged with inspecting, cleaning, repair and construction related projects for storm sewer work, the group inspects and cleans roughly 1,100 catch basins per year and performs approximately 700 miles of street lane sweeping.

The city is also responsible for other management programs to ensure that stormwater and pollutant loading to our waterways is reduced or eliminated all together. These include:
  • Integrated pesticide management systems
  • Chemical bulk storage programs
  • Road salt application and storage
  • Paint and sign applications
  • A fueling depot for municipal vehicles
  • Bridge maintenance
  • Chemical usage inventories and other tracking and reduction programs
For more information, contact Ray Benjamin at 607-272-1718.