Post-Construction Management

City Post-Construction Management
Did you know that concerns with stormwater don't end when your construction project is complete? To ensure that the soil on your site is stable, grading drains as intended, and permanent control practices perform as designed, you need to ask yourself the following questions:
  • Has the grass and vegetation that I've planted to stabilize the soil on my site achieved at least 80% germination?
  • Have my temporary erosion and sediment control measures (silt fencing, construction entrance, temporary swales / ditches) been removed from the site?
  • Are my permanent stormwater controls (rain gardens, bio-retention areas, ponds, vaults, etc.) functioning as designed? Have they been cleaned of all accumulated sediment and debris?
  • Have I contacted the City of Ithaca for a final site inspection (Full SWPPP and Basic SWPPP projects only) and received approval?
  • Have I developed a maintenance agreement with the City of Ithaca for permanent stormwater controls (if applicable), transferable by deed?
  • Have I submitted my Notice of Termination (PDF) to the DEC (Full SWPPP and selected Basic SWPPP projects only) with full authorization by the City of Ithaca?
If you've answered "Yes" to all of these questions, you have met the city's requirements under the construction management component of the stormwater local law. However, it doesn't end there. If your site has permanent stormwater controls, the legal owner of the property will still be responsible for their maintenance and upkeep. Periodically, the City of Ithaca will inspect your systems to ensure that the management practices are functioning as designed and will require you to attend to them should it be necessary in the future.