Construction Management

City Construction Management
If you're planning a construction project in the City of Ithaca, there are some things you need to know. Whether it's building a new structure or putting in a driveway, if you're disturbing soil, you are subject to the city's stormwater local law. The City of Ithaca is responsible for ensuring the protection and maintenance of its stormwater collection systems, waterways, and property loss from the potentially damaging effects of poorly maintained construction sites.

The city has developed specific thresholds to determine whether an automatic stormwater review by the Acting Stormwater Management Officer is necessary for project approval. All construction projects in the City of Ithaca must comply with same basic steps

Determine the category of your project by following the flowchart to the right. Most projects will fall into one of three basic categories as determined by your area of disturbance and construction type.
  • Basic or Full Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP): Projects that meet either a Basic SWPPP (yellow oval) or a Full SWPPP (red oval) category must be pre-approved by the City's Acting Stormwater Management Officer. Please note that Full SWPPP's and most Basic SWPPP's will be required to submit a Notice of Intent (PDF) to the DEC.
  • Other Projects: Projects that are required to follow Chapter 282, Part 3 of the City Local Law (green oval) require a cursory overview by the Acting Stormwater Management Officer.

    At a minimum, all projects with areas of disturbance that are less than 1/2 acre and do not meet any of the conditions for a Basic SWPPP, Full SWPPP, or Part 3 must use the Erosion and Sediment Control Plan for Small Homesite Control (PDF) (blue oval). A review by the city will not normally be required.