Rates, Metering & Billing


Water and sewer rates are set annually by the Board of Public Works as part of their charter.  The rates reflect the cost of water treatment and distribution as well as wastewater collection and treatment.
  • There is a minimum quarterly "basic water usage" charge for water and sewer service determined by the size of your meter.  
  • The 2022 rate for water is $9.73 per 100 cubic foot and the current rate for sewer is $6.03 per 100 cubic foot, for a combined water and sewer rate of $15.76 per 100 cubic foot.
  • Water and sewer service is billed in 100 cubic foot (cu. ft.) increments which is equivalent to 748 gallons. For consumption above the basic usage, water and sewer charges are based on your metered usage.
  • For example: If you have a 1" disc meter and you use 15 cubic foot over your allowance, you would multiply $15.76 x 15 cubic feet (or 15.00) = $236.40 (overage) plus $504.32 (minimum bill) for a total bill of $740.72.

2022 Water & Sewer Rates

Meter Size Cubic Feet Allowed Water at $9.73 Sewer at $6.03 Minimum Quarterly Bill
Small Disc (5/8")
1,200 $116.76 $72.36 $189.12
1" Disc 3,200 $311.36 $192.96 $504.32
1.5" Disc 5,500 $535.15 $331.65 $866.80
2" Disc or Comp 11,200 $1,089.76 $675.36 $1,765.12
3" Comp 16,000 $1,556.80 $964.80 $2,521.50
4" Comp 24,100 $2,344.93 $1,453.23 $3,798.16
6" Comp 42,100 $4,096.33 $2,538.63 $6,634.96


Meter sizes are marked or labeled on the brass housing of your meter.  Residential meters range from 5/8" to 2" disc meters. Commercial and large entity usage meters range from 2" to 6" compound meters.

All meters in the city are now equipped with automatic meter reading (AMR) technology that allows our staff to take meter readings more frequently and more efficiently. The technology also warns of potential leaks so we can alert you to a possible leak in your house before you are unpleasantly surprised by a large water bill.


Bills are sent quarterly (every 3 months) and are due on the 20th of the month. The city is divided into thirds with 1/3 of the city being billed each month. A map (PDF) is available to give you a general idea of billing dates. Specific information about billing dates for particular accounts is available from the City Chamberlain's Office at 607-274-6580.
Water Meters

Please note that the Water and Sewer Division does not handle billing inquiries.

If you have a question about your water and sewer bill, if you just moved in and need to set up an account, or if you are selling your house and need to close your account, please direct your inquiries to the City Chamberlain's Office. If you have recently purchased your residence, please contact the City Chamberlain's Office to make sure they have your correct name and address for billing.

As a reminder, city water bills are liens on the property where service was provided, and therefore are routinely sent to the owner of the property. Landlords and tenants should make other arrangements to obtain billing information if the water bill, by lease agreement, is the responsibility of the tenant.

Other Services

  • Unmetered sprinkler service: $12/inch diameter/quarter.  
  • Metered water for circuses, carnivals, contractors, etc., through suitable connection at a hydrant is installed by the Meter Dept, is charged by use, with a minimum bill of $200/day for the first 7 days and $50/day thereafter.
  • Bulk Water for street sweepers, tank trucks, spray-rigs, etc., is available at the Water & Sewer Building; at $100/load – up to 500 gallons, and $25/1,000 gallons thereafter.
  • There will be no allowable sewer credit for pool filling.
  • Meter removal, meter resetting, turning water off or on at the curb stop: $40/event.
  • Residential Meter Testing: $150 if meter is found to be within industrial tolerances and no charge if out of tolerance.
  • Replacement of frosted or damaged residential meter:
    • During Business Hours – cost of the meter plus $50
    • After Hours without a call-in – cost of the meter plus $125
    • After Hours with a call-in – cost of meter plus $220
  • Replace damaged AMR meter head, caused by owner/occupant negligence: cost of new meter plus $60.
  • City of Ithaca "Request for Entry" letters to residence or commercial establishment to service water meter, (each request per billing cycle):
    • First request - No response by owner after 15 days, written warning.
    • Second request - No response by owner after 15 days, $25 administrative surcharge placed on next water bill.
    • Third request - No response by owner after 15 days, $100 administrative surcharge placed on next water bill.  $100 administrative surcharge continuously billed thereafter until service has been fulfilled.
  • Special meter read with corresponding bill - $45.
  • Data Logs: the first obtainable data log is free in electronic PDF format. Paper copies will be printed upon request at the cost of duplication. All additional data logs shall be charged at $45 each in electronic format delivery. If a City issue is found as a result of a data log, there shall be no charge.
  • All other special services: To be billed at cost (including overhead) with supporting bill documentation