Seasonal Employment

If you are interested in one of our part-time, seasonal opportunities found below; please complete the online pre-screen form for seasonal employment form, or print and complete a seasonal application (PDF), then drop off or mail to:

The Ithaca Youth Bureau
1 James L. Gibbs Drive
Ithaca, NY 14850

If you're applying specifically for a position at Cass Park:
Cass Park
701 Taughannock Blvd.
Ithaca, NY 14850

For local teens interested in summer work, please visit the Youth Employment Service main page for an application and additional details.

Cass Park and Recreation Department Opportunities

Please Note: Not all positions may be available every year. It depends on the number of returning rehires from the prior year.


Interviews and hiring for summer is typically done during April and May.
  • Assistant managers and cashiers at Cass Park Pool
  • Lifeguards at Cass Park Pool or Stewart Park Camp (camp requires waterfront certification)
  • Summer camp counselors and specialists
  • Swim instructors
Call 607-273-8364 for more information on ALL Camp positions or call 607-273-1090 for more information on Cass Park Pool positions.


Interviews and hiring for fall is typically done during mid. August to early September
  • Football and Soccer Referees for Youth programs - Call 607-273-8364 for more information.


Interviews and hiring for winter is typically done during mid September to early October
  • Assistant managers at Cass Park Rink
  • Basketball referee - Call 607-273-8364 for more information
  • Cashiers at Cass Park Rink
  • Rink guards at Cass Park Rink
  • Skate instructors at Cass Park Rink
Call 607-273-1090 for more information regarding the Cass Park Rink positions.