Parks & Forestry

Parks & Forestry Division

The City of Ithaca has a long tradition of publicly supported urban forestry. It has been a "Tree City USA" for 25 consecutive years and has received 14 National Arbor Day Foundation Growth Awards. The City of Ithaca earned 2 New York Conference of Mayors Local Government Achievement Awards for its urban forestry program.
 The City of Ithaca has approximately 13,000 
street trees in the city right-of-way. Parks & Forestry staff are responsible for all street tree planting, removal and trimming as well as emergency tree work (ie storm damage) that impacts safety in the city right-of-way. Parks & Forestry staff maintains all city parks (exception Cass Park managed by Ithaca Youth Bureau), the city cemetery, 6-mile creek natural area and Ithaca Falls. Parks & Forestry staff also provide support for several volunteer groups including Citizen Pruners and Beautification Brigade.
Questions regarding street tree trimming, removal or planting should be directed to the City Forester.

City Tree Inventory

City of Ithaca has over 13,000 trees in the city tree inventory. The city is divided into 8 management areas (Belle Sherman, Downtown, East Hill, Fall Creek, Northside, Southside, South Hill and West Hill). Routine information for each tree is updated on a 4 year cycle. 
 You can now explore the urban forest with an interactive map.
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City Tree Tours

Ithaca is fortunate enough to have an exceptional Urban Forest. Ithaca knows trees are a vital piece of city infrastructure just like storm sewers, roads, and street lights, which we couldn't live without. We invite you to explore out diverse street tree populations and get to know the trees in your very own neighborhood.

Please enjoy these tree tour maps that have been created for you by the Forestry Department and GIS

Tree Tour Map