Cass Park Ice Rink

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Below is various Basic Details about the Season:

Group Rates

The rink is available for use by organizations and groups with a minimum of 10 during public skate sessions at a group rate if pre-scheduled and corresponding form and deposit is made a minimum of 10 days prior. Space is limited! Contact Cass Park for more information. Please Note: Group rates are not available for the Saturday 2:30pm session.

Skate Rentals

Figure skates are available from sizes toddler 6 through women's 11 and men's 14. Hockey skates are available in boy's/men's sizes from Youth 11 through men's 14.  Please Note: Very small toddler and very large M/W sizes are available with limited quantities.

Skate Sharpening

  • Regular sharpen is $6
  • New or rusty is $7
Skate sharpening is available during the rink season for both figure and hockey skate. If dropped off before noon, then they are ready for pick up after 5 p.m. If they are dropped off after noon, then they are ready for pick up after 5 p.m. the following day.

Learn to Skate Program

Cass Park offers two series of lessons. The 1st series starts between the last week of October and the first week of November. The 2nd starts the middle of January. All lessons are 25 minutes in length unless otherwise noted. The cost of lessons includes the public skating admission
for the session during which the lesson is given for the lesson registrant. 

Please Note:
Tots & Beginner classes will be requiring a helmet for participation. All other levels a helmet is strongly recommended. Lessons do not require figure skates — hockey skates are permitted, but double blade skates are not. Skates may be rented at the park at regular $3 rental fee. We do allow late enrollments up to 2 weeks before the 3rd class time if space permits!

Lesson Level Descriptions

Tot Levels (ages 3-5 years) - Skills taught in these lessons include standing and balancing, marching and gliding on 2 feet, 1 foot glide, proper pushing technique, beginning snow plow stop, forward and backward swizzles, backward wiggles, and 2 foot hop.  **A helmet will be required for participation.**

  • Tots 1: for children with little or no previous skating experience. There is a limit of 5 in these lessons.
  • Tots 2: for children who have had some experience on ice and can balance and stand unassisted (usually, but not always have had lessons previously). There is a class limit of 6 in these lessons.
Children - Ages 6-15:
  • Beginner: for children with little or no previous skating experience. Skills taught in these classes are: basic forward skating, 2 foot glide, 1 foot glide, forward swizzle, backward swizzle, backward wiggle, and beginning snow plow stop.  **A helmet will be required for participation.**
  • Advanced Beginner: for skaters who have mastered the skills taught in beginner. Skills taught in these classes are: forward and backward skating, forward crossovers, 2 foot turns, snow-plow stop, and hockey stop.
  • Intermediate: for the more advanced skaters who know the basics of ice skating, generally having had lessons before. Children should have mastered the skills taught in advanced beginner. Skills taught in these classes are: advanced forward and backward skating, advanced forward cross-overs, backward crossovers, and t-stop. Additionally, for those ready, any of the following: forward outside and inside 3 turns, mohawks, forward edges, bunny hop, shoot the duck, lunge, 2 foot spin, waltz jump, and spiral.
Adult & Child Specialty Classes:
  • Intro to Figure Skating (ages 7+): for intermediate skaters who want to learn some basic figure skating skills. Skaters will be introduced to some basic jumps, spins, and turns, as well as improving forward / backward skating, crossovers and stops.
  • Adult & Tot/Child Beginner & Advanced Beginner Lessons: Learn to skate with your child whether it is yours, your grandchild, your niece/nephew, cousin, mentee etc (minimum 3 years old) during 4 weeks of lessons on Mondays, Fridays & now on Sundays.  25 or 30 minute joint lesson with other adult & tot/child pairs, minimum of 3 pairs per time to run.  Class start times at 4:00, 4:30 & 5:00 PM depending on the class day selected. 
    NOTE: Adult and child must be in lessons together.

                NEW!!!  Advanced Beginner level options & Fridays at 12:30pm for the Pre-K's who have 1/2 day Fridays.

Adults - Ages 16 and up:
  • Beginner: for those adults who had little or no experience in the ice. We will conquer any fears you may have. The skills taught in these classes are basic forward and backward skating, and basic stops. Forward crossovers, and other skills at discretion of instructor.
  • Intermediate: for those who have mastered the basic skills of ice skating (persons are comfortable on the ice). The skills taught in these classes are proper techniques for forward and backward skating, backward crossovers, various stops, 3 turns, mohawks, and various other more advanced skills.

Birthday Parties at Cass Park

$10/person includes admission, balloons, beverages, pizza, cake, popcorn, tableware, exclusive party room and skate rentals as needed. A movie may be selected to play for those who do not wish to skate or who want to take a break. Advanced registration (7-10 business days) and deposit required. Please call to check schedule. Please submitted the birthday party reservation form with a $40 deposit to reserve a party time. Reservations must be done in person. We cannot take any reservations by phone.

Rink Rentals

The rink is available on a limited first come, first serve basis (late October through early March) for Broomball, Exclusive Group Skate, or Rec Hockey (own full equipment is required). All reservations have a 1 hour minimum and must fit around the current facility schedule of public skate sessions, regular league reservations and availability of staff, so we cannot guarantee the date and time which you request.