Permit Allocation

Permit Allocation
  • Only residents of properties zoned R1 and R2 located in the Residential Parking Permit Zone shall be eligible to purchase parking permits.
  • The city zoning category in which the property is located shall determine the maximum number of permits allowed per dwelling unit.
  • Properties in an R1 zone are hereby allowed access to 2 permits, and no more.
  • Properties in an R2 zone are hereby allowed access to 2 permits per dwelling unit with a maximum of 4 permits and no more per property. Based on city zoning laws the greatest legal number of dwelling units allowed in a structure in an R2 zone is 2.
  • Permits shall be issued to vehicles registered to, or under the control of, residents in the permit area, and are non-transferable.
  • Permits shall be available for sale on July 1 and shall expire on July 31 of the following year.
  • Residents in blocks participating in the Residential Parking Permit System may purchase up to 4 Visitor Passes per year with a limit of 8 passes per property in an R1 zone and 16 passes per property in an R2 zone. Visitor Passes shall be valid for a period of 2 consecutive weeks, and will be issued to a specific vehicle.
  • It shall be a violation of Chapter 260 of the City of Ithaca Municipal Code entitled "Residential Parking Permit System" for residents to purchase permits for people who do not reside in the permit area.
Permit Allocation for Non-Conforming Uses
  • Properties not conforming to the traditional R1 and R2 zone uses (such as grandfathered properties) shall not receive any grandfathered rights regarding parking permit system.
  • Grandfathered properties in an R1 zone shall hereby be considered a single-family house.
  • Grandfathered properties in an R2 zone shall hereby be treated as a duplex.
  • The zone in which the property is located, not the number of apartments or the number of occupants, determines how many permits may be purchased.