City Prosecutor

Prosecution for the City of Ithaca

The Ithaca City Prosecutor's Office prosecutes violations of Ithaca City Code. The court does not permit these violations to be resolved outside of court. This includes violations of the following city code provisions:

  • Noise, open container, public urination, littering, underage possession of alcohol (see FAQ, Penalty Chart, and City Code Violation Tickets)
  • Traffic Tickets (see Traffic Ticket page)
  • Exterior maintenance cases - garbage, sidewalks, etc.
  • Building code
  • Zoning
  • Fire code
  • Dogs: off leash, biting, unlicensed
  • Most other Ithaca City Code Violations
  • Parking ticket trials (See FAQ)
  • Other miscellaneous matters


There are no in-person office hours available until further notice. However, the City Prosecutor is available via email

How do I Proceed with my Ticket?

Requests for Adjournments

Do not contact the prosecutor to request an adjournment - only the Ithaca City Court can grant an adjournment.