Codes & Standards

Building Codes & Standards

This section will be updated as new codes are implemented.

New Code Requirements for Certificates of Compliance

  • Emergency Guide: FC 408.9.1 - Emergency Guides are required for multiple dwellings (R-2) and required to be given to each tenant prior to initial occupancy.
  • Fire Extinguishers: FC 906 - Multiple dwellings are required to have fire extinguishers installed per FC 906.
  • Smoke Alarms: PMC 704.2 - Smoke alarms are now required to be installed on a ceiling or wall in each bedroom and outside of each separate sleeping area in the immediate vicinity of bedrooms.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors: FC 610 - Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector requirements were revised in the 2010 version of the Fire Code to include; a 15-foot maximum distance that a CO detector can be installed from a bedroom and a CO detector must be installed on the same story as the CO source.
  • Exit Signs: FC 1029.7 - Exit signs are required in multiple dwellings (Group R-2) where the exit or path of egress travel is not immediately visible to the occupants. Exit signs shall be internally or externally illuminated. (FC1029.7.4)
  • Illumination Emergency Power: FC 1029.9 - Emergency lights are required in the means of egress where occupancies require two or more means of egress.