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Youth Employment Service Participants

YES can help you make connections! We work with teens, local residents, and employers. Whether it is help finding a job, practicing interview skills or finding the right worker for a job in your home or business, YES staff members are eager to help you.

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What programs does YES offer? YES offers several different types of opportunities for teens, local residents and employers:

  • Job Listing and Referral (includes part-time, seasonal and odd jobs)
  • Work Placements funded and supported by Youth Employment Service
  • Job Search assistance and support

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I'm a teen, how do I get started?

  • Get a YES application from the Ithaca Youth Bureau or click here to download a PDF version
  • Have a parent/guardian sign the application.
  • Provide the name and addresses of 3 references.
  • Bring your application to the YES office or hand it to a staff member at one of our school outreaches and we will set up an interview. You can find us in the Ithaca High School cafeteria on Tuesdays and Thursdays during lunch or at Lehman Alternative Community School in the main hallway Wednesdays during lunch.

Through JobNet we can help you get hired by:

  • Local businesses
    • Our staff can tell you who's hiring
    • Help with applications and the application process
    • Assist you with phone and interview skills
    • Work on follow-up strategies
    • Some of our partners are Cornell, TJ Maxx, Subway, Shortstop Deli, Wegman's and Purity.
  • Local residents
    • Our staff can help you get regular or one-time jobs, including yardwork, babysitting, snow shoveling, moving, office cleaning, animal care, and manual labor
    • We can supply a list of contects or directly refer you to these jobs
  • JobNet is for Tompkins County teens, age 14-20

If you qualify for a subsidized job, we can hire you to:

  • Work part time in the local community
    • Our staff can match you to a job related to your interests
    • Offer support for you throughout the work experience
  • We have both summer and school-year job opportunities
  • Teens have worked at: Cass Park, GIAC, Southside, Alternatives Federal Credit Union, Sciencenter, Cornell, Comet Skateboard Co., Drop-In Center, and Youth Bureau Summer Camps

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 I'm a local resident, how do I hire a teen? We'll ask you key details to get an idea of your needs.  We can refer teens who are interested in working, have been pre-screened by the YES staff, and have developed an employment record with us.

  • Teens can do yardwork, snow shoveling, babysitting, physical labor, moving, painting, office work, animal care, and more

"I was so happy with my worker, that I gave his name to a neighbor."  -Local resident

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I run a local business and I have a job opening. What can YES do for me?
  • We can list your opening in our job book and directly promote your hiring needs,
  • Refer the names of teens who have been pre-screened and have developed and employment record with us

"The placing of highly qualified motivated workers helped us tremendously.  I deeply appreciate the YES program's support of our efforts"  - Local business owner

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