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Youth Cnoucil Participants
The Ithaca Youth Council is a self-directed group of teens who are charged with representing youth to Ithaca’s city government and advocating for youth throughout the community.  As a collaborative effort between the Ithaca Youth Bureau, the Greater Ithaca Activities Center (GIAC) and the Southside Community Center, Youth Council has four main objectives: developing future leaders, giving formal voice to youth, engaging in civic education and improving conditions for local youth.

For more information, contact Marty Schreiber, Program Coordinator

What are Youth Council's main objectives?
The Youth Council is teen-run: its members have developed an organizational structure and work to identify and prioritize issues that matter to local youth. Youth Council has four main goals:
1. Develop Future Leaders 
Our youth have the power to shape the future of our city. By being provided opportunities to participate in City governance and have an active role in addressing community issues,  members learn important skills, become positive agents for change, and become bonded to the community.

2. Give Formal Voice To Youth
The Youth Council provides representation for Ithaca's youth and provides a forum for advocacy. It provides on-going two-way communication with policy-makers, especially Common Council, so as to better address youth and community issues. Youth Council members are expected to develop ways to get regular input from other youth about their ideas and concerns.

3. Civic Education
Youth Council members get first-hand experience with how the democratic process  works by becoming involved in government in a practical, hands-on way.

4. Community Contribution
In addition to representing the needs and interests of youth to policy makers, Youth Council plans and executes projects to improve conditions for teenagers.
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Who is eligible to serve on Youth Council?
The Youth Council is made up of 14 teens, grades 9-12, living within the Ithaca City School District. The Council is charged with representing and advocating for youth in the community. Members are chosen based on interviews and recommendations, with the goal of selecting a diverse group of natural leaders that can represent the needs and views of all segments of the local youth population.
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How can I apply to be a Youth Council member?
Teens interested in becoming member of the Ithaca Youth Council should fill out an application. Once the application is turned into the Program Coordinator, the applicant should follow-up to schedule an interview and review additional requirements.
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Which activities are open to all community teens?Youth Leadership Training Series - The Youth Leadership Training Series is a collection of leadership workshops designed by local agencies and collaborators that are free and open to all youth in the community.

Other activities - Youth Council hosts a variety of projects and events each year that are open to youth throughout the community. Information about these opportunities will be disseminated throughout the community when available.

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For more information or an application, contact Marty Schreiber, Program Coordinator