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 Paul Schreurs Memorial Program Participants

The intent of the Paul Schreurs Memorial Program is to make available academic, and personal support to young people who show interest in education and/or job training beyond high school but face obstacles in achieving their goals. Students who remain in the program, are eligible for financial assistance to pursue their educational goals.
What is the history of the Paul Schreurs Memorial Program (PSMP)?In 1981, Eugene Lang, who had grown up in Harlem and later became a self-made millionaire, returned to his former elementary school to deliver the commencement address to the sixth grade class. During his speech, he decided to offer every child in the class the chance to go to college by paying their tuition. Over the next six years he took a personal interest in the student's lives, encouraging their aspirations and arranging tutoring and guidance for them. The typical drop-out rate in that district was 50%. In this particular class, 98% of the children graduated and went to college.

Many people at the Ithaca Youth Bureau were inspired by this story. A volunteer Big Brother in the One to One Program, Paul Schreurs, was so moved that he committed himself to paying his Little Brother's college tuition. Unfortunately, Paul died in a tragic accident. Paul's family, wanting to keep his dream alive, contacted the Youth Bureau and arranged to set up a fund to provide educational opportunities for youth who, without assistance, might be unable to pursue their education beyond high school.
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What are the main program components?Program participants are in the program from grade 6 until high school graduation.
  • Individual tutoring in any subject
  • A mentor or "special adult friend" who:
    • Spends time with the youth academically or socially
    • Offers friendship, encouragement, emotional support and advocacy
    • Maintains contact with the youth's family
  • Ongoing review of progress and needs
  •  Informal counseling
  • Advocacy and support in crisis
  • Need-based workshops for parents/family
  • Opportunities to participate in additional Youth Bureau activities
  • Assistance in finding sources of financial aid for college or technical school
  • College preparation and advisement
  • Eligibility to apply to the program requesting financial assistance for educational purposes
  • Eligibility to apply for specialty grants or scholarships for educational activities (based on need, necessity, and creativity)
Additional Programs
  • REACH After-School Program: Academic support
  • Summer Program: Educational enrichment
  • Let's Get Ready! A "free" SAT prep program is offered as a collaborative effort of the Cornell Public Service Center, The Village at Ithaca, and the Ithaca Youth Bureau's Paul Scheurs Memorial Program.
How can I volunteer?Volunteer tutors and mentors needed!!! Help build a bridge to a brighter future for a young person today! The Paul Schreurs Memorial Program provides opportunities to support a young person, both academically and socially. Interested persons are encouraged to contact us about becoming a mentor or tutor.
Tutors: Provide 2 hours each week to help students with homework.
Mentors: Provide 3-4 hours each month spending time with youth as positive role models.
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