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 What We Do:

IURA administers federal dollars to benefit low- to moderate-income individuals and families in Ithaca, by funding projects in housing, economic development, public facilities, and public services.

News & Opportunities

Adopted 2015 IURA Budget

Annual Community Assessment Report (2012-2013)

2013 IURA Auditor Comment Letter

2013 IURA Financial Report


City of Ithaca 2012 Financial Audit

City of Ithaca 2012 Auditor's Communication Letter

City of Ithaca 2012 Management Comment Letter on Audit

Basic IURA Information

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IURA Board Web Page

IURA Governance Committee (GC) Web Page

IURA Neighborhood Investment Committee (NIC) Web Page

IURA Economic Development Committee (EDC) Web Page

Mission, Agendas, Minutes, & All Other Documents

Annual Accomplishments

2012 CAPER Narrative 

2013 CAPER Narrative (10/23/14)

IURA Committee Rosters

2012 IURA Committee Roster (12/28/12)

2013 IURA Committee Roster (7/5/13)

Internal Controls

Separation of Duties - HUD Drawdown (2012)

Separation of Duties (2013)

Separation of Duties - Cash Receipt (2013)

Investment Reports

Investment Report (2010)

Investment Report (2011)

Pledged Assets for Investments (2/28/11)

Investment Report (2012)

Investment Report (2013)  

Real Property Inventory

Real Property Inventory (2012)

Real Property Inventory (2013)

Organizational Charts

Organizational Chart (2013)


2014 Action Plan

2014 Adopted IURA Action Plan: Summary

2014 Adopted IURA Action Plan

For more information, please contact Nels Bohn at: (607) 274-6547 or

City of Ithaca Consolidated Plan (2014-2018)
Some Recent
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