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IURA administers federal dollars to benefit low- to moderate-income individuals and families in Ithaca, by funding projects in housing, economic development, public facilities, and public services.

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Draft City of Ithaca Consolidated Plan (2014-2018)

The document posted to the link above represents the third generation of Consolidated Plans for the City of Ithaca.  The second five-year Consolidated Plan, which describes program goals for federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME) funds, expires this year.  Now is a time of looking back, evaluating changing community needs, reviewing past successes, and identifying new opportunities.  This document is prepared as an update to the 2009-2013 Consolidated Plan.  Our aim is to: review existing conditions in the areas of housing, economic development, public facilities and public services; to consider trends and factors impacting these areas of community development; to assess the impact of past CDBG and HOME activities funded through the HUD entitlement program; and to identify new programmatic goals.

The Plan is expected to assess the community-development needs and priorities of the City and provide a strategy for addressing those needs.  This current Consolidated Plan will guide the funding decisions and action strategies of the community, as they relate to the CDBG and HOME Programs, for the next five years.

2014 Action Plan

2014 Adopted IURA Action Plan

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2013 HUD Entitlement Action Plan 
(summarizing projects funded in 2013)

Objectives & Strategies - 2009-2013 Consolidated Plan

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