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Rates and Billing

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Water and sewer rates are set annually by the Board of Public Works as part of their charter.  The rates reflect the cost of water treatment and distribution as well as wastewater collection and treatment. 

There is a minimum quarterly  "basic water usage" charge for water and sewer service determined by the size of your meter.   

The 2014 rate for water is $5.11 per cu. ft and the current rate for sewer is $5.47 per cu. ft, for a combined water and sewer rate of $10.58 per cu. ft..

Water and sewer service is billed in 100 cubic foot (cu. ft.) increments which is equivalent to 748 gallons.  For consumption above the basic usage, water and sewer charges are based on your metered usage.  For example: If you have a 1" disc meter and you use 15 cu.ft over your allowance, you would multiply $10.58 x 15 cu. ft (or 15.00) = $158.70 (overage) plus $338.56 (minimum bill) for a total bill of $479.40

The table below shows our most recent quarterly rate schedule (billed quarterly):

2014 Water & Sewer Rates
Meter Size  CU ft Allowed Water @ $5.11 Sewer @ $5.47 Minimum Quarterly Bill
5/8" Disc 1200 $61.32 $65.64 $126.96
1" Disc 3200 $163.52 $175.04 $338.56
1.5" Disc 5500 $281.05 $300.85 $581.90
2" Disc or Comp 11200 $572.32 $612.64 $1,184.96
3" Comp 16000 $817.60 $875.20 $1,692.80
4" Comp 24100 $1,231.51 $1,318.27 $2,549.78
6" Comp 42100 $2,151.31 $2,302.87 $4,454.18

Collection of Water MetersMetersMeter sizes are marked or labeled on the brass housing of your meter.  Residential meters range from 5/8" to 2" disc meters.  Commercial and large entity usage meters range from 2" to 6" compound meters.

All meters in the City are now equipped with Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) technology that allows our staff to take meter readings more frequently and more efficiently.  The technology also warns of potential leaks so we can alert you to a possible leak in your house before you are unpleasantly surprised by a large water bill. 

BillingBills are sent quarterly (every three months) and are due on the 20th of the month.  The City is divided into thirds with one-third of the City being billed each month.  A map is available to give you a general idea of billing dates.  Specific information about billing dates for particular accounts is available from the City Chamberlain's Office at 607-274-6580. 

Please note that the Water & Sewer Division does not handle billing inquiries. 

If you have a question about your water and sewer bill, if you just moved in and need to set up an account, or if you are selling your house and need to close your account, please direct your inquiries to the City Chamberlain's Office.  If you have recently purchased your residence, please contact the City Chamberlain's Office to make sure they have your correct name and address for billing.

As a reminder, City water bills are liens on the property where service was provided, and therefore are routinely sent to the owner of the property.  Landlords and tenants should make other arrangements to obtain billing information if the water bill, by lease agreement, is the responsibility of the tenant.