Sidewalk Policy

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The new Sidewalk Policy will be going into effect in January, 2014. This program moves away from burdening individual property owners with the entire cost of sidewalk installation and maintenance for sidewalks adjoining their property, towards the creation of five Sidewalk Improvement Districts funded by an annual sidewalk assessment fee.

The links below will take you to a presentation about the policy, a summary fact sheet, the official map of the Sidewalk Improvement Districts, and the adopted Local Law. There is also a link to Tompkins County's Image Mate site, where you can view the Sidewalk Improvement District assessment units assigned to your property by the County Department of Assessment. Using those units, and the formula contained in the fact sheet and/or local law linked below, you can calculate your property's SID assessment.

Questions can be forwarded to the Engineering Office at or, or call (607) 274-6530.