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Street Entertainer Application for the Commons

  1. Rules and Regulations

    The right to act as a street performer on the Ithaca Commons is a privilege. It is expected that street performers will be courteous to businesses, neighbors and pedestrians; will not interfere with pedestrian traffic flow; and will not constitute a nuisance. Entertainers may encourage donations but may not aggressively solicit them.

  2. Entertainers must respect the right of pedestrians to move freely along the Commons and businesses to operate without undue disturbance to entertainment outside their premises. The volume of a performance must be reduced when asked or the performer will be asked to vacate the site.

  3. All musical performances must be acoustic, not including horns, brass instruments, drums, etc. Amplified sound is not permitted without permission from the Commons Advisory Board through the Commons Use Permit Process. Please complete that application through the following link:

  4. Dates listed may be for a single event or a range of dates (i.e. May 1 to Aug 31).

  5. What Time will you begin performing each day?

  6. What Time will you end your performances each day?

  7. What type of performance will you be doing? (i.e. music, magic, juggling, etc.) Please be specific.

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