Seneca Street Garage

Photo Credit: Allison Usavage (Seneca St. Garage)

A limited number of Seneca Street monthly parking passes are now available for sale through the Chamberlain's Office.

Seneca St Garage permit holders who want to switch to Green St Garage must come into the Chamberlain's Office to do so. Please make sure that your vehicle is out of the Seneca St Garage when you come to switch. Otherwise, you will have to pay the non-refundable $20 "lost ticket" fee to get out because your permit will no longer work in Seneca St Garage.

Located at 202 E. Seneca Street


Third level & abovebillable hours 2am-11pm, parking is free of charge on Saturday & Sunday, unless an event is taking place. Please do not park in the spaces reserved for Hilton Garden Inn.

  • Hourly: $1.00/ hour
  • Daily Maximum: $10.00/ day
  • Weekly: $35.00/ week
  • Special Events: (Per Entry) $5.00/ day

Vehicles must be moved every 24 hours.       


Parking permits may be purchased at the City Chamberlain's Office, first floor, City Hall, 108 E Green Street. First time permit purchases must be done in person at the Chamberlain's Office in City Hall. Current permit holders can also renew online using our Make a Payment Center.

Permits are sold in 30-day increments with flexible start and end dates.

Please be aware that a parking permit does not guarantee you a parking space. It entitles you to a discounted rate. Parking is on a first come, first-serve basis.

  • Monthly Permit: Full 24/7 access, third level and above; $105/ month

Vehicles must be moved every 72 hours.