Collegetown & Downtown Design Guidelines

The City has been working with consultants Winter & Company to develop design guidelines for Collegetown and Downtown.  Once adopted, the design guidelines will work with existing zoning to encourage exceptional urban design and high quality construction.  The goal of the guidelines is to formally establish the design expectations for new construction and exterior alterations, making the development approval process clearer and more predictable for both property owners and the Planning and Development Board.

The design guidelines identify objectives for different components of building design, such as siting, building materials, and building articulation, and suggest ways that new construction could meet each of these objectives.  Unlike zoning, the guidelines also provide the flexibility to meet an objective in a new or innovative way that may not be suggested in the document.

Properties within the Collegetown Area Form Districts (shown on page 6 of the Collegetown Design Guidelines) and the Downtown Design Guidelines area (shown on page 6 of the Downtown Design Guidelines) will be subject to mandatory design review by the Planning and Development Board.  All recommendations from design review will be non-binding unless they are made a condition of site plan approval.    

The drafts below are currently under review.  Please submit any questions or comments to Megan Wilson, Senior Planner, at or 274-6560.