Permits for Street and Sidewalk Work

Street Permits

A street permit is needed when a property owner or their contractor plans to...

  • Construct, remove, replace or repair a sidewalk or driveway within the limits of any public street, highway or other public property.
  • Open or cause to be opened, by cutting or excavating, the pavement or soil of any street, highway, sidewalk area or other public grounds.
  • Obstruct, encumber or occupy in any manner any public street, highway or sidewalk area, except for parades or public gatherings and assemblages permitted by the Ithaca Police Department.

[Amended 5-4-2005 by Ord. No. 2005-08]

Directions for Applying for a Permit to Work on City of Ithaca Property

1. Fill out a Street Permit Application

2. Be prepared to supply all necessary paperwork every time you apply for a Street Permit, including, but not necessarily limited to:

  • Contractor’s Insurance (naming City of Ithaca as additionally insured) or Property Insurance (for owners performing work on their own property)
  • Certificate of Worker’s Compensation Insurance or Waiver
  • Certificate of Disability Benefits Insurance or Waiver
  • A sketch, plan and/or written description of the work you plan to perform

Depending on the nature of the work, the sketch or plan might need to be stamped by a professional engineer.

Even if you have previously provided insurance information for an active building or water and sewer permit, you will need to supply the Engineering Office with your insurance information separately.

  • Discuss the work you wish to do with an Engineering Office staff member. The general office phone number is 274-6530. Depending on the type of work being considered, other permits and/or approvals may be required, such as a Building Permit or Tree Permit. The applicant is responsible for securing all of the relevant permits and/or approvals.

Once the above actions have occurred, Engineering Office staff will evaluate the application and will determine if further information or changes are necessary before a Street Permit can be issued. Engineering Office staff may make site visits, may need to coordinate with other City departments, or perform other work. Applicants should expect that applications may take over a week to process, complex applications may take substantially longer.

  1. Lynne Yost

    Assistant Civil Engineer

  2. Peggy Tully

    Sidewalk Program Manager

Office Location:

City Hall
108 E. Green St. Room 202
Ithaca, NY  14850