Fire Prevention Bureau


The Ithaca Fire Department strives to keep our community safe. In an effort to reduce the chance of fire and loss of life the Ithaca Fire Department formed the fire prevention bureau in 1993. The Fire Prevention bureau is responsible for enforcing the Fire Code of New York State, the Property Maintenance Code of New York State and the City of Ithaca Code in all commercial, assembly, and R2 spaces. If you have any questions or concern you can contact us using the info on the right or you can check out our FAQs page.


The Ithaca Fire Department is responsible for ensuring all the elevators in the city of Ithaca are tested and maintained in accordance with ASME A17.1. Elevators in the city of Ithaca need to be issued a permit tri-annually by the Ithaca Fire Department. Elevators that are not being inspected or have violations will not be issued a permit and will be considered non-compliant with the city. The three elevator inspection companies qualified to operate in the city of Ithaca are listed below.

Qualified Elevator Inspection Companies

ALPS Elevator inspection Service
P.O. Box 605 Buffalo, NY 14207-0604
Ph: 716-842-6117
Fx: 716-853-0831

CNY Elevator Consultants LLC
126 North Salina St, Suite 305 Syracuse, NY 13202
Ph: 315-425-0428

National Elevator Inspection Service Inc.
1411 Chili Ave, Suite 6 Rochester, NY 14624
Ph: 585-436-0168

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