Costs and Fees

There is a $100 permit application fee due at the time of permit submission.

Event Organizers have the option of providing volunteers to accomplish the following tasks or to pay the City to complete them:

  • Picking up, setting up and breaking down barricades, traffic cones, and No Parking signs, except on State highways.
  • Moving bleachers before and after an event.  Damage to bleachers, including during time left overnight on the site shall be the responsibility of the event organizer.
  • Monitoring barricades for traffic control during events
  • Providing crossing guards at active road crossings.  Crossing guards may only be used at signaled crossings or as approved by the Ithaca Police Department.
  • Trash/recycling/compost collection and disposal.

 Failure to provide agreed upon volunteers at the dates/times agreed to will result in:

  • Responsibility for costs incurred by the City for substitute services
  • $200 fine for non-performance
  • Possible event delay or cancellation if public safety is jeopardized

 Fees for the use City resources is as follows:

  • Department of Public Works costs are $70 per hour (includes labor & equipment)
    • Delivery and removal of event equipment
    • Posting & removing “No Parking” signs = $50 per street block
    • Delivery & pick-up of barricades = $35 per hour
    • Organizer is responsible for trash collection.  Arrangements can be made for DPW crews to pick up bagged trash with the purchase of special event trash bags at a cost of $4 per bag.
    • Rental costs for signage, and replacement costs for lost or damaged barricades, bleachers or cones shall be applied.

 Ithaca Police Department costs are $72.50 per hour (includes labor & equipment)

    • Private security can be used to off-set law enforcement costs.  Traffic control must be pre-approved by the City.

 Park and facility rental fees as per existing City policies and as specified below:

    • Rental fees for the use of the East Lawn, Flag Lawn, and West Lawn of Stewart Park shall be $20 per hour for each area
    • Rental fees shall be charged for use of park fields and pavilions during set-up, event, break-down time
    • Rental fees shall be charged during operating hours of the park (6 am – 10 pm)
    • All event-related materials, tents, and portable toilets must be removed from the site by 9:00 am the next day to avoid application of rental fees for that day.

 Failure to break-down or clean-up per the committed timeline in application will result in:

  • Responsibility for costs incurred by the City for substitute services
  • $200 fine for non-performance

 Events with unpaid financial obligations to the City will not be considered for future events.