Planning, Building, Zoning, & Economic Development

The Planning, Building, Zoning, & Economic Development Department provides a wide range of services to City residents, property owners, business owners, developers, elected/appointed officials, and other City departments, including:


  1. Planning & Development

    Planning & Development

    The Planning and Economic Development Division oversees a wide variety of City services and initiatives, including Site Plan Review and Subdivision applications, economic development initiatives, long-range planning efforts, historic preservation, and grants development and administration.

  1. Building Division

    Building Division

    The Building Division is responsible for building permitting, housing inspections, exterior property maintenance and complaints.

  1. Zoning Division

    Zoning Division

    The Zoning Division oversees the Zoning Ordinance, performs individual Zoning Reviews and Lot-Line Adjustments, and works with both the Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) and the Zoning Ordinance Re-Write Committee (ZORC).

Property Search Tool
If you're looking for information about a specific property address, a very quick and easy way of search for a property in the city (by name or address) for Zoning District information (as well as number of units, occupancy, and Certificate of Compliance expiration date) is the Building Division's Property Search Tool.