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Payment Center

Welcome! You can now pay most of your city bills from property taxes to parking permit renewals online. Below you will find information about card user fees and links to the city's card processor, Velocity, for each type of bill.

*Convenience fees are based on credit card company rules and the City of Ithaca's agreement with our card processor. (If you have set up a recurring bill ACH directly with the Chamberlain's Office, there is no charge for that service.)

ACH = Automatic Clearing House (a direct payment from a designated checking account). Bank routing number and account number information will be required. 

Type of City Bill Kind of Payment *Convenience Fee
Residential water bill - must have your water and sewer account number. Credit / Debit / ACH $4.95
Parking permits - renewals only, must have your license plate number and garage name. Please plan on renewing 5 business days ahead of your expiration date to avoid being shut out of or in the garage. You must keep your receipt in your vehicle.
New rates effective January 1, 2018! - Permits now start on the first of the month and end the last day of the month. A prorated amount may be required to bring your permit into compliance. Please call 607-274-6580 to confirm amounts before proceeding. 
Credit / Debit / ACH $4.95
Parking tickets Major credit cards $3.50
Miscellaneous bills - please have your bill available. We will need the invoice number and MB account number in order to process your payment. Credit / Debit / ACH $4.95
Commercial water bill - account numbers start with "9" must enter full account number. ACH only $1.49
Taxes, Property - We will need your tax parcel number in order to process your payment. We will accept current year city taxes first and second installments, county taxes (through March 31 only), prior year school property taxes with penalty and tax title payments in full. Any given property tax bill must be paid in full. If you are unsure of the amount, please call during business hours 607-274-6580. We reserve the right to refuse payment if NYS Real Property tax law is not complied with. All credit cards and MasterCard debit 2.35% of total
Taxes, Property - see above for required information. Visa debit $3.95
Taxes, Property - see above for required information. ACH $1.50