Current City Projects

Draft Cass Park Capital Plan (Posted for Public Comment)

The City of Ithaca Engineering Office, in conjunction with the Ithaca Youth Bureau, and their consultants, Barton & Loguidice, have completed a draft capital plan for Cass Park. The purpose of this plan is to assess and prioritize capital project needs over the next ten years to repair, maintain and enhance Cass Park for the general public and user groups. The report lists improvements ranging from new bathroom buildings to drainage and field enhancements to new lighting systems and more.  

The city hopes that interested people, user groups and agencies will review the draft report and provide feedback on topics such as these: 

1) Does the report capture the kind of improvements needed in Cass Park? 

2) Does the report prioritize these improvements in the right order and on the right timeline? 

3) Are we missing anything? 

The draft plan is posted here.

A form for public input is available here. 

The city requests feedback on the draft plan by February 24, 2023.

Cayuga Waterfront Revitalization

Project Location: Route 13 from Cascadilla Street to approximately Fall Creek

Project Purpose: This project will study the Route 13 corridor, including different alternatives to transform Route 13 into an urban boulevard, and other transportation infrastructure in the adjacent waterfront district to improve access and mobility. After scoping, preliminary engineering and an evaluation of social and environmental impacts, the City will select a preferred alternative, in coordination with the New York State Department of Transportation and other interested agencies. This project does not currently include funding for final engineering or construction; until that funding is secured, there is no specific timeline for implementation.

East State Street Mill & Pave Project

This project is focused on repaving East State/MLK Jr. Street from the Tuning Fork (intersection of State, Green and Seneca Way) to Mitchell Street and improving sidewalk conditions, including ensuring ADA compliance. The worst pavement conditions will be addressed with full depth reconstruction, while the rest of the project will be a two-course asphalt rehabilitation. In addition to replacing a fair amount of sidewalk and curb ramps, the project will also reconstruct a small retaining wall on the north side of the street between Schuyler and Stewart Place. The City is working with TCAT to identify transit improvements, especially bus stop enhancements. Pavement markings will be re-applied after paving – the City is considering locating the uphill bike lane between the parking spaces and the curb-line instead of on the current side next to the motor vehicle lane. Though this project was originally programmed for construction in 2024, the City, the New York State Department of Transportation and the Ithaca Tompkins County Transportation Council have coordinated to accelerate this project to 2023 construction due to deteriorating road conditions. Construction costs are estimated to be over $2 million and 80% of all eligible project costs will be reimbursable with federal aid. 

East State Street Mill & Pave Plan Draft Scope Documents

East State Street Mill & Pave Plan Image

East State Street Mill & Pave Cross Section Image

Catherine Street Rebuild  

PROJECT LOCATION & DATES: All of Catherine Street: Lower half (nearest Eddy Street)- 2021, Upper half (nearest College Ave) to take place after completion of College Ave project. Updates will be provided as timelines solidify.


PROJECT DESCRIPTION AND GOAL: Replace storm sewer, curbing, and sidewalks; Pave with binder course 2021. Complete full paving sometime within the next three years.  

LOCAL IMPACTS: Road closed, no thru traffic, accommodations for residents will be made when possible.


SCHEDULED COMPLETION DATE: Project completion subsequent to College Avenue project completion timeline- projected September 30, 2023 or 2024 

For additional information contact: Cliff Murphy, Supervisor of Streets (607) 272-1718; email:

South Albany Street Bridge Project
Draft Project Scoping Report: South Albany Street Bridge

South Albany Street Bridge Project Public Information Packet

Application Parcel 10

The City of Ithaca intends to file an application to the NYS Office of General Services to take title to a small piece of land at the entrance to the Farmers Market on the north side of the railroad tracks. This parcel was once under water and thus belongs technically to New York State. The City intends to use the parcel as an extension of Third Street.

Notice of Application Parcel 10 with map

Legal Notice

New sidewalks outside Sidewalk Improvement Districts

Addenda to City Code & Memo to Board of Public Works: Needed sidewalks not within Sidewalk Improvement Districts

Declaration of Lead Agency for Environmental Review

Fall Creek Drive- Environmental Assessment Form

Oak Avenue- Environmental Assessment Form

East State Street Retaining Wall Project

Documents regarding the East State Street Retaining Wall Project can be found here.

Hector Street Complete Street Project

You can find the Design Report for the Hector Street Complete Street Project here