Youth Council

Public Meetings
  • 6 p.m.
  • The 1st Wednesday of each month
  • Ithaca Youth Bureau
    1 James L Gibbs Drive
    Ithaca, NY 14850
Regular Meetings
  • 6 p.m.
  • Remaining Wednesdays
  • Ithaca Youth Bureau
    1 James L. Gibbs Drive
    Ithaca, NY 14850
Please Note: Be sure to look at the monthly agenda to be sure that the date, time, and location of the meeting has not changed.

  • Jean Sinon, Chair
  • Amber Delotsang, Vice Chair
  • Tigran Mehrabyan, Vice Chair
  • Leah Larsen, Secretary
  • Casper Molina, Vibe Watcher
  • Gillian Turvey, Council Member
  • Mikaela Snyder, Council Member
  • Etienne Grenier, Council Member
  • Duncan Patwell, Council Member
  • Molly Swarthout, Council Member
  • Garrett Giles, Council Member
  • Adriana Clark, Council Member
  • Tanya van Renesse, Council Member

Marty Schrieber
Program Coordinator
607-273-8364 x157

Overview & Duties
§ 120-3 Membership
A. The Youth Council shall consist of 10 members, all of whom shall be voting members, appointed by the Youth Council Advisory Board subject to the approval of the Common Council. The appointing entities shall commit to assembling a diverse, multicultural and inclusive membership of the Youth Council, with regard to the protected classes and other unique characteristics that represent the needs of the entire community.

B. At least five members shall be residents from the City of Ithaca. The remaining five members shall be selected from within the municipalities comprising the Ithaca City School District. The members of the Youth Council must be at least 16 years old and not past the 12th grade (or the age of 19, if not enrolled in high school).

§ 120-4. Associates
The Youth Council Advisory Board may designate up to four (4) associates who are 14 or 15 years of age. Such associates shall be invited to attend and participate in Youth Council meetings and events, but shall have no voting authority and may not hold office in the Youth Council.

§ 120-5. Terms; Vacancies
A. Except as provided for in Subsection B, below, the members of the Youth Council shall be appointed for terms of two (2) years or until the time of their high school graduation, if that occurs first. A member who has reached the end of a two-year appointment while still in high school may elect to extend his or her term by one additional year. Terms shall begin in September (or, in the initial year of the Youth Council's operation, as soon as is practical after its establishment), except in the case of members appointed to fill vacancies. Vacancies shall be filled in the same manner as the original appointment, except that a vacancy occurring other than by the expiration of a term of office shall be filled only for the remainder of the unexpired term.

B. Notwithstanding the above, the initial terms for members of the Youth Council shall be set at one or two years such that staggered terms are established for subsequent appointments. The appointing entities may make an appointment for a one-year term, as needed, in order to maintain a balance of staggered terms.

§ 120-6. Officers
A. At the start of each year the Youth Council shall select its officers, for the purpose of providing general leadership, record-keeping and fiduciary oversight. The manner of such selection, and the titles and specific responsibilities of the officers, shall be set forth in operational rules adopted by the initial Youth Council and as amended from time to time as needed by the Youth Council.

B. The lead officer of the Youth Council shall serve as liaison to Common Council and shall have an opportunity to report at Common Council meetings.

C. The leadership of the Youth Council shall meet regularly with the Mayor at a time convenient to all, with the goal of meeting not less than bimonthly.

§ 120-7. Youth Council Advisory Board
A. A Youth Council Advisory Board is hereby established, to oversee the activities of the Youth Council.

B. The Youth Council Advisory Board shall consist of up to 10 members, each of whom shall be appointed for a term of three years (or for the remainder of the term in question when a vacancy is being filled). Membership of the Advisory Board shall be composed of one staff member appointed respectively by the directors of the Greater Ithaca Activities Center, the Ithaca Youth Bureau, the Southside Community Center, and up to seven members appointed by the Mayor and approved by Common Council, including at least one member of the standing committee of Common Council responsible for working with the City's youth services departments, members selected from the local education and youth advocacy communities and representatives of major funders of the Youth Council.

C. In addition to providing oversight, the Youth Council Advisory Board shall interview all applicants for membership on the Youth Council and shall make recommendations as to their appointment, on the basis of the candidates' leadership potential and commitment to effective service on the Council.

§ 120-8. Staff Support
A staff person from a City Youth Services Department shall act in consultation with the Youth Council Advisory Board and under the direction and supervision of the City Department Head so designated by the Mayor. The duties of this staff person with regard to the Youth Council shall be set forth in writing and kept up to date by the Department Head, and provided to the Mayor, and a current version of such description shall be appended to the Annual Report required by Section 120-2 herein.

§ 120-9. Meetings; Records; Annual report
The Youth Council shall meet publicly at least monthly and adopt rules and procedures for its meetings. The Youth Council shall keep accurate records of its meetings and activities and shall prepare and submit an annual report as provided for in § 120-2 of this chapter.