Room Reservations

As of December 7, 2022, GIAC is accepting a limited number of facility rental requests for the Gymnasium only (groups of 20 or less people).  Please contact the GIAC main office with any questions.

In keeping with the GIAC's mission to offer a welcoming place for positive community interactions, GIAC meeting rooms are available for use by community groups for informational, educational or cultural meetings and programs when not needed for GIAC purposes. Use of the GIAC meeting rooms do not imply endorsement by the GIAC staff or Board of Directors of the viewpoints by the renters.

Rental Process

Groups interested in using the GIAC facility must:

  1. First fill out an application. Download the room rental request (PDF).
  2. The application must be on file with the GIAC Office at least 1 week prior to the first scheduled meeting date.
  3. The individual who signs the application must be at least 21 years of age and be in attendance when the meeting room is in use.
  4. All applications for use of the meeting rooms shall be reviewed by the GIAC Administrative Team.
  5. Availability and reservations can be confirmed or denied within 5 business days of the request.

Groups and individuals may reserve meeting rooms up to 2 months in advance, except for groups requesting reoccurring meetings. Meeting room requests will be honored subject to room availability. GIAC reserves the right to cancel any reservation (with notice) if a GIAC event/program needs the room.

GIAC does ask you download the room rental agreement for all policy's and procedures (PDF).

If you have any questions contact Valerie Sykes via email or call 607-272-3622.

Please Note: No organization/group will be turned away for inability to pay the room rental fee.