Greater Ithaca Activities Center

Interested in  volunteering at GIAC please fill out our Volunteer Information Form 
If you would like to be added to either the Adult or Rashad Richardson Basketball League's Google calendar. (So it will be view able on your Google calendar) please just email Sean Norman your Google email. 
RRBL - Developmental League 
1 Red- Jordan 
2 Blue - Maurice
3 Yellow - John 
4 Green - Calverly Baptitst - Mike 
5 Purple - Valerie
RRBL - JV League 
a Red- Lex
b Green - Calverly Baptist - Mike 
c Purple - Alfonso
d Blue - DJ / Tony 

RRBL - Varsity
1v Kreep Squad - Blue - Lex Griffin 
2v Shift Team - Red  - Mike McCoy 
3v G- Squad - Purple - Greg Eells
4v Prospects - Green -  Jelani Fontanez