For announcements of our registration opening dates, please follow our Facebook page - @IYB.REC!

We offer a wide range of programming throughout the year. Our line-up includes sports leagues, expressive arts, Winter & Spring swim lessons, ice skating, special events programs, and more.

The Youth Bureau will be publishing 4 smaller, seasonal brochures during the calendar year. We publish the spring/summer brochure in mid to late February, the fall/winter brochure in early June and the winter/spring brochure in mid October.  Approximately 5,200 print materials are created each season and are distributed to district schools on a county-wide basis. Look for a NEW seasonal announcement IPLAYcard to come home with your child in his/her backpack. You can also pick up a brochure at the Youth Bureau, various locations around town view or download (PDF) it on this page.

Look for more specific program information at iybrec.org

Most Recent Seasonal I-PLAYbooks

2019 Summer I-PLAYbook Cover
Spring I-PLAYbook Cover
2019 Winter IPLAYbook

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