Mobile / Street Vendor Outside Ithaca Commons

Mobile / Street Vending for Areas Outside Ithaca Commons

The City of Ithaca's street vending policy includes multiple curbside locations near neighborhood parks, commercial and university neighborhoods, and multiple locations in Stewart and Cass Parks. Vending hours near and in our parks are generally limited to lunch and dinner hours. Vending hours in commercial and university areas may extend into late night hours.


Base fees are charged per square footage according to market rates. Additional fees are based on desired vending locations.  Rules and procedures for site assignment and vendor obligations include, but are not limited to, certification by the Tompkins County Health Department, Ithaca Fire Department inspection of fuel supplies, insurance and workers compensation coverage, and background checks for operations in or near parks.

This policy is not intended to address special events, vending on private property, or vending of products other than food.

 Please see the following documents for further information:
To apply for vending on the Ithaca Commons, please see our Commons page.