Parking Garage Permits

City Parking Garage Permits

The city sells parking permits for three garages; the Dryden Road Garage on the corner of Dryden Road and College Avenue; the Green Street Garage,which is the upper leveled garage entered from the 100 block of East Green Street; and the Seneca Street Garage, which is on the corner of Seneca Street and Tioga Street (a permit is required for overnight parking except for occasional visitor use. 

2018 permits will start the beginning of each month and expire on the last day of the month. Weekly permits and overnight only permits may also be purchased (Call or stop by the Chamberlain's Office for details and limitations).

New permits are subject to a one time charge of $10 to cover the cost of the pass card that activates the garage gates. Replacement pass cards are $10.


Patrons who purchase parking permits in the city parking facilities are required to move their vehicles every 24 hours. If your vehicle has not moved in 72 hours, it may be subject to additional fees, and your vehicle may be considered abandoned and subject to immobilization and/or towing at your expense.

Cayuga Street Garage

Permits are also available for the Cayuga Street Garage, located on the corner of Cayuga Street and Clinton Street. Find more information on the long-term parking page.

2018 Rates

The City's two downtown garages will have one rate starting January 2018. Dryden Road Residential parking permits grant 24/7 access, worker's permits range from rates for full-time Monday through Friday, 10 hours/day to two different part-time rates.

Rates for City of Ithaca monthly parking permits become effective January 1, 2018.  Renew now!

Green Street

Excludes street level pay and display lot.
Monthly: Full access (24/7), recommended for downtown residents
$ 33.00

Seneca Street

Third floor and up. Please DO NOT park in the areas reserved for Hilton Garden Guests
Monthly: Full access (24/7), recommended for downtown residents
$ 33.00

Dryden Road

Monthly: Recommended for Collegetown residents (effective 1/1/20187)
Weekly: Recommended for Collegetown residents (effective 1/1/2018)

Worker's Special: Monday - Friday, up to 10hours per day (up to 210 hours per month, no rollover) (effective 1/1/2018)
Part Timer Special: 24/7 access but limited to 105 hours per month (no rollover hours) (effective 1/1/2018)  
Primo Part-Time Special: 24/7 access but limited to 68 hours per month (no rollover hours) (effective 1/1/2018)