1. City Attorney/City Prosecutor

    Learn more about the City Attorney, who prosecutes and defends actions and proceedings by and against the city and every department thereof. The City Attorney is the official legal advisor of the Mayor, Common Council, boards and committees and other officers of the city.

  2. City Clerk/Public Information & Technology

    Access information about city records, licensing and parking permits.

  3. Finance Department

    Home of the City Controller and City Chamberlain's web pages.

  4. Greater Ithaca Activities Center

    The Greater Ithaca Activities Center (GIAC) is a center for all ages, particularly youth and teens.

  5. Human Resources

    The department's goal is to attract, develop and retain a diverse, well-qualified, and professional workforce that reflects the high standards of the diverse community we serve.

  6. Ithaca Fire Department

  7. Ithaca Police Department

    The Ithaca Police Department is a full service law enforcement agency that patrols the approximate 10 square miles that make up the City of Ithaca. The mission of the Ithaca Police Department is to enhance the quality of life in our community by working cooperatively with the public and within the framework of the U.S. Constitution. We strive to preserve the peace, to reduce fear, and to provide a safe environment for all of our residents and visitors.

  8. Ithaca Urban Renewal Agency

    Ithaca Urban Renewal Agency (IURA) administers federal dollars to benefit low- to moderate-income individuals and families in Ithaca, by funding projects in housing, economic development, public facilities, and public services.

  9. Ithaca Youth Bureau

    The Ithaca Youth Bureau has served Ithaca's youth for more than 60 years by providing a wide variety of recreation programs and youth services to promote health, happiness, and well-being.

  10. Mayor's Office

    Find information about the mayor and the Mayor's Office.

  11. Public Works

    The Department of Public Works is the largest department within the City of Ithaca and is overseen by the Superintendent of Public Works.

  12. Planning, Building, Zoning & Economic Development

    The Planning, Building, Zoning, & Economic Development Department provides a wide range of services to City residents, property owners, business owners, developers, elected/appointed officials, and other City departments, including: community design & quality-of-life; economic development, electrical inspections & surveys; environmental management; geographic information systems & maps; grants development & administration; historic preservation; housing inspections; long-range planning; neighborhood planning recreation & open space; site plan & subdivision review; transportation & parking planning; and zoning & zoning appeals.